We’re wild about email

In the digital marketing realm, email stands out as the undisputed champion of ROI.

At Authenticated Marketing, we've honed the art and science of email list growth, ensuring that every step is optimized for conversion. 

From crafting engaging marketing quizzes that captivate potential subscribers to choosing and implementing robust backend systems to help nurture and grow your audience, our expertise turns your email list into a powerful asset.

We're not just about growing numbers; we're about elevating your business through strategic, measurable email engagement.

Our Process

Choose Service

Kick off your service with a straightforward questionnaire, allowing us to gather all necessary information swiftly and begin without delay.

Customized Setup

We handle the technicalities of email authentication and deliverability, with regular touchpoints for updates and feedback.

Responsive Support

Stay informed with ongoing educational updates and have peace of mind with accessible support for your evolving email needs.

Put a seal of authenticity on every email

Stay on top of changes and learn best practices to make your email marketing shine. 

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